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Advice on Making Time for Reading Books During College

Max Barajas | Writer

As we begin college and navigate the hardships of student life, we realize that so much of our time is devoted to school. It is a huge responsibility in our lives and is very time-consuming. Most of our days are spent completing homework, studying, and constantly worrying about tasks. All of the stress pushes off our hobbies, and activities that make us happy and clear our minds because responsibility always comes first.

It depends on what we enjoy doing in our free time, but for me, it comes down to reading. I am an avid reader and read a lot of books growing up. Upon starting college, I read less due to my lack of free time. However, I always thought about how I could set aside more time to read with a busy schedule. I’ve created some small steps to help students make more time for reading within their hectic schedules.

First, schedule a time in your day when you want to read. For me, the best time is at night, when I am home and ready to retire to bed. However, some nights I am too tired to read unless it’s an enjoyable book that will grab my attention.

Next, I recommend finding a story that grabs your attention, something simple. Try not to pick a book that might contain a heavy subject, something that might be a tough read for you. Or try not to pick a book that has a lot of pages. The perfect amount of pages could be different for anyone.


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