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A Time to Reflect

Amber Kalnas | Editor

In a little less than two months I will be an LCCC graduate with my associates degree in Communications. I am excited for graduation, not because I will be done at LCCC, but because of the actual graduation ceremony itself.

Photo Credit by Ekrulila

Graduating high school during a Global Pandemic changed the way schools went about celebrating their seniors. While my school was fortunate enough to have a makeshift graduation ceremony outside, not everyone was that lucky. Some had to settle for virtual ceremonies or nothing at all. I feel like that makes this graduation ceremony even more special.

After two years of everything being canceled or virtual, this upcoming ceremony will be a time for LCCC students, staff, faculty, family, friends, and the community to gather and celebrate the class of 2022 and all of their achievements. I am looking forward to it because I want to experience everything I did not get to in high school.

I am excited for my family to be able to see me walk across that stage in person and not through a TV screen this time. I cannot wait to enjoy that quality time with them since everything was so different two years ago. I know this will be a moment I will cherish forever.

This ceremony means more than just getting my degree; it allows for me to reflect and see how far I have come over the past two years. Despite the circumstances I was able to achieve my goal of continuing my education and getting my associates degree.


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