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A Tale of Love and Loss: the Von Erich Family

Colleen Schlieman | Editor

I know nothing about wrestling, but I know good movies. I saw The Iron Claw over winter break. It is a movie about the wrestling dynasty of the Von Erich Family. It details their loves and losses throughout the family's careers and lives. Knowing nothing about the Von Erich family did not hinder my viewing experience. Even with my less-than-respectable wrestling knowledge, I could follow the tale of triumph and tragedy between these brothers easily. I was never lost to how wrestling worked while these brothers were involved. I have no siblings, but with the strong script that was utilized, I connected with all the characters and felt their highs and lows. Zac Efron and Jeremy Allen White shined in their roles as Kevin Von Erich and Kerry Von Erich respectively. They both brought emotional depth to their parts. Through the film, I laughed, cried, gasped, and felt such empathy for this family.  A film that can elicit such reactions is great in my book. The studio A24 produced and distributed this film. They consistently are credible with producing beautiful and meaningful films. Unfortunately, The Iron Claw and its cast are not up for any awards for this movie this award season.

Nonetheless, I cannot recommend it enough. Even if you aren’t a fan of wrestling, it’s a story of a family. My tip is to bring tissues. 

Photo credit: Photo Courtesy of A24 Films


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