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A Better Education--But For Less

Amber Kalnas | Editor

Photo credit by Pixab

As my time here at LCCC is quickly coming to an end I can say that I really enjoyed my two years here. Looking back to my senior year of high school I can definitely say I made the right choice by starting my college career here at LCCC.

Why would you want to go somewhere else and pay twice as much for the same education you could get here? I do not understand why people choose to go into that much debt right out of college. I am happy that I started here. I could not see myself going anywhere else.

So many people look down on community college, but I feel like it is so much better than going to a four-year university. LCCC has something for everyone. They have such a wide range of classes and majors to choose from that will fit every kind of student.

I feel like LCCC has prepared me for my next step and I am excited for what the future has in store for me. One of my favorite things about LCCC is the class sizes are just right. I am able to establish a relationship with my professors. They know me by my name and not just by a grade which means so much to me. Do not let anyone tell you that community college is lame or a waste of time, it is one of the best investments I have made.


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