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The connection between sleep and anxiety

When did sleeping get so hard?

Ever since the pandemic started my family and my sleep schedule became more and more erratic.

It seems the more stressed someone is the harder it is to fall asleep; with the big assignments I have to do during a global pandemic on the cusp of the most influential presidential election in American history, I think I'm pretty stressed.

I don't think my anxiety or any student's anxiety is misplaced in this era though. We live in one of the most chaotic times of all history. New revolutions in science, technology, and social lifestyle appear every month and a rapidly increasing rate. Jobs are rapidly disappearing as automation becomes more prevalent in our lives. Parents are struggling to keep up as the norms of their childhood are blown away in as little as 10 years. I'm 20 and I already feel outdated by my brother who's 15. This world is pushing the young to their limits.

Right now, we need to slow down. And I don't mean slow down our progress but slow down our minds.

College students take in so much more them students five years ago, and they need time to stop. No videos, no social media, just 20 minutes of silence. Or as I do, music I've already listened to and I know calms me.

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