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Restaurants adapt to COVID-19 guidelines

This pandemic has hit the world hard in many places, but few places struggle as much as restaurants.

Due to the rise of concern with food safety caused by COVID-19, restaurants have to navigate a new landscape where fear of the highly infectious disease eats away at potential customers. In a study conducted by Mars Global Food Safety Center, 52% of respondents think food safety is one of the top 3 global issues.

With the public worried about their health and food safety, Pennsylvania restaurant owners and management strive to make customers feel at ease while trying to offer reassurance through sanitation.

Danielle Norris, manager of the Lehighton Walmart Subway shared her experience with new restaurant policy as well as COVID-19 guidelines.

“The first thing we are doing is using a special sanitizer solution composed of hydrogen peroxide,” said Norris. “By disinfecting our tables after every person eats in, we’re trying to ensure our customer base is getting a clean experience each and every time.”

Norris elaborated further and shared the various ways her staff is taking sanitation guidelines seriously.

“We are also utilizing signage on our tables so our customers can tell exactly what areas are clean or due to be cleaned. All other surfaces are also getting wiped down with the appropriate measures every two hours at minimum.”

Yianni Kyziridis, owner of Pat’s Pizza & Bistro, Bethlehem, explained that in addition to employees and patrons wearing masks, they use disposable menus and silverware. Kyziridis said they are also disinfecting surfaces immediately after the patrons departure.

As far as food quality, Norris cautions that customers should not worry, as Subway always enforced strict guidelines. She finds that keeping an eye on customer foot traffic trends is the key

to making sure all products are used in a timely manner. This ensures that no product is at risk for contamination.

Similar to Subway and Pat’s, all businesses continue to work hard to keep the food and dining areas clean during the pandemic. Allowing the customer to feel safe is highest priority, as this promotes better business through such trying times.

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