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LCCC introduces Free Yoga Fridays

Alissa Xander hosts free yoga classes, dubbed “Free Yoga Friday’s” on Zoom every Friday at 12 p.m. for LCCC students.

Xander is a yoga instructor hired by LCCC for the Fall[ semester. Only a handful of students attend the free classes. The classes incorporate yoga and meditation for an hour of class time. Every class is fresh and different, to ensure students don’t get bored easily.

At the start of last weeks class, Xander opened up the class with words of affirmation like “I am enough” and encouraged students to repeat the phrase with her.

“Our brains are really listening and paying attention to the things we say about ourselves,” Xander said. “So when we get stuck in negative-self talk, it sets us up for not believing in ourselves and putting limits on the things that we can do. [Words of affirmation are] about offering loving kindness to ourselves.”

Xander also ends the class with meditation and an inspirational excerpt from books including “Journey to the Heart-Daily Meditations on the Path to Freeing Your Soul” by Melody Beattie.

While Free yoga Friday’s take place online, Xander prefers in person classes because she loves the feeling of the energy in a room and the capability of offering modifications and adjustments.

“It’s not about making your body fit the pose, it’s about making the pose fit your body and how you feel while doing it” she said.

However, she loves that zoom classes take away the excuses from not being able to travel to class, and the ability to take the class in the comfort of their own home.

“Yoga benefits not just the body but also the mind, and it’s important to give ourselves some time to take care of ourselves,” explains Xander.

LCCC and Xander look forward to continuing these sessions next semester. Students can join in on the zoom session through “LCCC Student Life” on Canvas and can learn more about Alissa Xander on her website

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