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A look inside the mind of a stressed college student

During this crazy time that is the COVID-19 pandemic, I’m sure we’re all feeling pretty overwhelmed right now.

The semester is coming to an end, which means bigger assignments and preparing for finals week. This semester has been extremely exhausting, to say the least -- I’ve never felt so tired in my life. After discussing this with some peers, they all seemed to agree as well. We’re all tired; mentally, physically, emotionally, just tired.

Once I finish 20 assignments, I have 20 more to do the next day. It’s overwhelming, especially during a pandemic. It’s extremely hard to focus a lot of the time. So what do we do? How do we deal with our overload of this semester, and finish strong?

Well, my mom would say stop procrastinating and focus. Except, it’s not that easy. I’ve tried, time and time again but have made no progress. I mean, I even pushed off this assignment. But, even though I’m procrastinating, I always know I’ll get it done on time. Which is why I can’t stop. Can anyone else relate?

With only a few weeks of the semester left, I don’t have enough time to procrastinate anymore. I have to whip out my Emma Chamberlain planner and schedule these last few weeks away.

If you stumbled across this blog and relate to me in any way, just know we will get through this. We just have to continue thinking about our end goal, our dream job, our dream future, and everything will be fine. The person you do or don’t become depends on the choices you make today. So, go do your homework or maybe take a nap first.

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