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Words from the editors

As a 19-year-old who experienced more than most individuals my age, I constantly try to recognize opportunities for growth.

At this chapter in my life, I found that some of my most eye-opening experiences came from what I learned in interpersonal and intercultural communication. Nowadays, with cancel culture being all the rave, people often don’t take the time to hear one another out. Regardless of pop culture trends, I always try my best to allow any party to feel heard from me, but I never realized I could still do wrong in terms of communications.

I thought I always laid everything bare, clearly and concisely, and that was all that mattered. News flash: it isn’t. I didn’t take time to understand another person’s argument style or consider their cultural background – because before taking intercultural communication I thought that exclusively pertained to an individual’s ethnicity – which was a big fault of mine.

By no means am I perfect, but I think this goes to show that there’s always room to improve in the simplest areas of our lives that we once thought lacked flaws.

So maybe take a communications class or a psychology class and watch your life perspective open up.

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