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Beauty trends show us less is more

From high coverage to low coverage, beauty has changed immensely in such a short amount of time.

The beauty industry is finally changing its full coverage, photoshopped approach. Today, it’s about embracing what you look like naturally instead of covering up all the insecurities with makeup.

Up and coming brands and collaborations are taking note of this trend and are incorporating it into their own brands. Glossier was one of the first brands to take part in this trend. Glossier’s brand is about low coverage and embracing imperfections; “skincare first, makeup second.”

Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez also supports this message. Gomez chose to name her brand “Rare” because it demonstrates that everyone isn’t meant to be the same person, they are meant to be unique. Her beauty line consists of natural liquid products to give you that glow from within look. Gomez wanted to make it clear that her brand would be inclusive to all, whether consumers want to create a natural makeup look that day, or something more fun and bold.

This trend is quickly becoming a powerful movement. These brands have made it clear that it’s important to embrace insecurities and flaws and not seek perfection. Rare Beauty shared a quote that encourages “it’s time to stop comparing and to start embracing our own uniqueness. Everyone is different and that’s a good thing.”

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