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Living with an Autistic twin

Living with my brother, Andrew, who has Autism, makes it hard to lead a normal life. I was always there for him when kids would make fun of him or call him names. I was the one to stop all the hate on him. I think that without him in it, my life would be boring; I love him with all my heart. But people need to know that he can make decisions on his own. However, that concept can also cause problems because he can't read people’s intentions like you and I can. He was mistreated a few times and my family warned him, but he doesn’t always listen. Andrew may have his loving moments, but it is very rare. I think the last time I got a hug was in middle school. Despite physical touch being something he despises, I recently got a hug, so I am happy. When it came to me receiving attention from family however, he always made sure he remained the center of attention, which sometimes made me mad at him. But I can't always be mad at him. Sometimes I would just ignore him, and things would be fine. But we also had our own troubles with not getting along because he wanted to make sure I had a hard time. My brother can be a handful at times -- we have our differences -- but no matter what we all love him. I mean, you can't really choose your family. No matter what he does he will always be my brother and I will always look out for him till the day he dies

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