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Get in shape while we have the time

With the pandemic we are all living through right now, I have been unable to continue to go to my yoga classes here at LCCC and felt I was losing out on a big opportunity to feel better in my own skin. I’m sure you have all been seeing numerous posts about using this time to get in shape, and they are completely right. Now is a great time to better yourself.

Working out is a hard commitment, but I have recently started doing yoga and pilates nearly every day. For months, I was completely inactive, especially through the cold months. I tried to work out--because I was in dire need of a confidence boost--but could never stick with it. I decided that, because I was missing out on the yoga classes in school, I would make the best of it at home.

I had always loved yoga but felt I wasn’t flexible enough to do it to my full potential. I was never able to touch my toes and, frankly, felt embarrassed by that. Since I started doing yoga daily, as of April 24, I am fully able to touch my toes!

Reaching even the smallest of goals (like touching your toes) make it worth it and so much more fun. I look forward to doing yoga every day, and I’m excited to see what else I’ll be able to do in a few more weeks.

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