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Stay connected while learning online

With Pennsylvania’s statewide stay-at-home order taking affect at least through the end of the month, one thing is certain: it is going to take some time until we are able to return to our normal, everyday lives.

The lack of structure in my life due to being quarantined to my house for the past few weeks has been unusual, to say the least. My job is currently closed for the time being, and I no longer have to wake up early to attend classes. While some students may choose to take courses online because they like the flexibility that comes with online platforms, I have always preferred in person lectures.

So, when it was first announced that Lehigh Carbon Community College was going to be closing and transitioning to online classes, I was concerned about how the change would affect my education for the remainder of the semester. However, other than sleeping in much later than I should be, the transition has been better than I originally anticipated.

With many LCCC professors posting material on Canvas and holding Zoom meetings, I am able to get all of the information that I would have in class. While I do miss the experience a college student gets from being on campus, there still seems to be a sense of community by being able to interact with other students thorough these online platforms. By staying connected, we will all get through these unprecedented times, together.

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