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COVID-19 adventures: Driver's training 2.0

Amid the chaos that COVID-19 has brought about our daily lives, many have utilized the pandemic as a means of appreciating the minor inconveniences we used to experience.

Me, however? I’d like to take this as an opportunity to hope that everyone learns new skills and strengthen ones they’ve already developed. Specifically, to Lehigh Carbon Community College students: your parking. Work on your parking and patience, please.

While we may not deal with the daily inconvenience of parking anymore, I truly hope, from the absolute bottom of my heart that the great majority of you take this as a chance by fate to go to an abandoned parking lot and get to know your car. With all this time on our hands, perhaps you could watch a video or two about driving etiquette.

I know I sound snobby, and take this with a grain of salt, please, but the amount of times I’ve witnessed what poor drivers that college students are truly astonishes me.

So, dear LCCC Lot C, I do and I don’t miss you. I miss the luxury of securing a spot in Lot C. I don’t miss the hassle of students cutting me off or parking over the white line- sometimes even crooked, too. If you get tired of watching Netflix and postponing assignments, by all means, please go freshen up your driving skills so I (and many others) no longer want to rip our hair out when feverishly searching for a parking spot next semester.

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