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The frog life cycle

As I was sitting doing my own homework for my college classes, my younger brother who will be graduating this year in 2020, sat down beside me at our dining room table. A lot of my friends have a rocky relationship with their siblings at best, and I can’t say much on the topic because my brother and I get along really well. I’d go to say we have a great sibling relationship, and he’s going to be starting here at LCCC in fall of 2020 as an engineering major.

He’s always been one to not be good at anything English related, it’s something he’s struggled with because he has an auditory processing disorder. Which means that what is said isn’t what his brain processes a lot of times and it’s a struggle for him. He is however excellent at math and building things with our dad.

Which is why when he asked for my help on his school project, which was to create a book about a frog’s life cycle for his Zoology class that was going to be shared with Kindergarteners, I was more than happy to help. He did the research portion of it and got all the information down, and I helped him write the more creative portion of it. All I can say is that I hope the kids enjoy the book we’ve come up with. He did definitely get an A on the project!

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