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May 2020: Graduation approaches

Although we began the semester just last week, we feel the approach of what is the final semester for many of us. As we all attempt to rediscover our work ethic that may have gotten lost over winter break, I find myself reflecting on what it took to reach this checkpoint in our lives.

I wonder who it was that motivated us to give secondary education a chance after we all, at one point, swore that we’d quit after high school. I wonder what it was that pushed us to continue even in our darkest moments; the flashes of anxiety before checking our grades online that would make-or-break how the rest of our day went; the moments of despair we’d feel due to our heavy course load; the days of sadness we’d experience when our school work became priority and our family and friends would wonder when they’ll get to see us again; I wonder, what is the one thing that held true for us to keep going?

I can’t speak for you, but for me, I was raised under the motto: “If you start something, finish it.”

Maybe that’s a bit extreme nowadays, as we have thankfully humanized ourselves a bit. No longer is there a majority of the masses mentality that you’ve always got to finish what you start. Today, the accepted mindset is: “you started it but it doesn’t always work for everyone and that’s okay.”

As much as there are other factors that went into my success at LCCC- my professors, my partner, my own love of knowledge- I’ve got to admit, I started my journey for an Associate’s Degree here at LCCC, and I guess that motto has held true for me.

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