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Words from the Editor

Alina Dewindt | Editor

Well, well, well, what do we have here? A 21-year-old woman is writing for a college online newspaper.

Hello everyone! My name is Alina Dewindt. I'm a bookworm, a writer, a gamer, a Chase Atlantic fan, a Leo, and one of the editors of The Paw Print. I’m currently a communications major here at LCCC. How did I get here, you asked? I’m not sure, but somehow Jessie Heimann loved my questionable writing skills and asked me to join the editing team for this semester.

Just kidding! Writing has always been more of a personal hobby of mine. I like to let my creative mind flow and just write out whatever I’m imagining in my head. However, for anyone who knows me personally, writing is the time when I’m most comfortable and quietest because usually, I'm the most hyperactive person in the room.

My ultimate goal after I get out of college and get my associate's and bachelor's is to become an author or work for a book publishing company. Because not only do I have a deep love for writing, but I also have an obsession with reading books (the good ones, not the ones that show up on my TikTok feed). Believe it or not, my bank account is currently on the verge of bursting into tears from the amount of money I spent buying books from Barnes & Noble.

A bit of advice for anyone else out there reading this: Don’t let certain obstacles cloud your mind. Try to overcome them and accept help from others who love you the most.

Ty <3


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