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Words from the Editor

Mark Boyer | Editor

Before I begin, I'd like to say that yes...I took this in a Panera Bread Bathroom.

Hello viewer! My name is Mark Boyer and I'm an LCCC student and Communications major by day, and Paw Print editor by night. I also am currently suffering from burnout and the stresses of everyday life.

A few things about me to know are that I am a Taurus, an iced coffee aficionado, a lover of all things the 90s and 00s, an artist, writer, best friend, and full-time uncle to two nieces.

How did I end up in the Paw Print? Believe me, I'm still guessing just as much as you are. With a little encouragement from the legend known as Jessie Heimann, I decided to open my horizons in writing and give it a shot.

Writing has always been something I've used for self-expression. I never thought of it as a way to cope but it does help in those times. Writing for me is a way to speak on matters and opinions that I could never verbally articulate but still with my own sense of humor and ideas.

From pages of paper stapled together with words and illustrations embodying a novel to blogs, essays, discussion posts, tweets, texts, short stories, etc. I let my creative mind flow one keystroke at a time.

A bit of advice that I would give to whom it may concern, is to just have fun and make whatever obstacle is thrown at you, yours. You matter you belong, and you are worth it.


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