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Letter From the Editor

Colleen Schlieman | Editor

Is it April already? I don’t know about you, but time has been flying fast for me. I was sure, just yesterday that it was late January, I was bundled up, and trudging to class. Now, it is time to break out my shorts, and the semester is almost over. 

What a semester it has been for me. Editing for the Paw Print has brought me so much joy. I am so grateful to have this opportunity this year. It has been wonderful to help other students make their already great work even better. I am overjoyed that I could help other students explore a passion for writing that they may have just discovered or one that has been there all along. 

So what is going on with me? Thank you for asking! I just committed to Temple University for Public Relations. I plan on also getting a sports media certification. I hope to work for a Philadelphia sports organization to work in their Public Relations department. 

As Zac Efron says in an infamous Saturday Night Live sketch, I am nervous but excited. I am scared to throw myself into a new environment with new people. Philadelphia is a big city, and it is certainly intimidating. Moreover, I am excited about all the opportunities it can bring me, and I could not have done it without my time at LCCC.

LCCC has given me so many opportunities, including being an editor for the Paw Print, that has gotten me ready to move on and transfer to a new place. Applying myself here, whether that is in clubs, classes, or even a newspaper, has given me the tools to be successful throughout my whole life. I cannot thank everyone here at LCCC enough, including my professors, my friends, and other students for being so kind and considerate. Everyone here is always welcoming and offering a helping hand. I appreciate everyone who has helped me get to where I am today. Even the people who have just simply smiled at me in the fluorescently lit hallways have helped me to get to where I am today. 

Thank you all for letting me graciously be your editor. I cannot thank all of you enough for this opportunity. I am grateful for this great semester and year

, and I am so excited to see where I, and all of you will be, not just in a year's time, but even farther in the future.


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