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Letter from the Editor

Mihaela Mfarej | Writer

Selfie of Mihaela

I’d like to first start off by congratulating everyone on the hard work accomplished this semester. I had the honor of working alongside and connecting with some incredibly smart and talented students this past spring semester. If you are graduating, good luck on the next steps of your life, wherever that leads you. Adventure awaits, say “yes” sometimes! The best advice I can offer you is a quote by David McCullough Jr. who said, “Climb mountains not so the world can you, but so you can see the world.” While some aspects of life are a competition, it’s usually third place winners that come out of the competition the most happy. Second place winners think they could’ve gotten first place had they tried just a little harder, they compare upwards. Third place winners are happy they placed at all; they see themselves as the last winners, they compare downwards. Embrace your competition, even a little competition is healthy, it keeps everyone in check. Equally understand that we are all running on our own track. Sometimes others are “ahead” of you and sometimes you are the one “ahead” of others.  

I’d also like to thank Professor Heimann for the opportunity to even call myself an editor but more so honored to call myself a student of hers. I attribute my success at LCCC, my internship position and professional writing opportunities with her. David Brooks writes in “How to Know a Person,” that there are two kinds of people, diminishers and illuminators. Illuminators are, “The kind of person who makes others feel seen and heard, and who helps them see the best in themselves.” Brooks goes on to say, “Illuminators have a persistent curiosity about other people. They know what to look for and how to ask the right questions at the right time. They shine the brightness of their care on people and make them feel… lit up.” Professor Heimann is an illuminator.


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