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Growing Through The Pandemic: How Houseplants Aid in Personal Growth

Humans have been gardening for centuries. It is a common leisure activity that yields great rewards. It seems as though the number of people bringing their gardens indoors has grown exponentially over the past year, especially with the pandemic. Some gardeners are taking the indoor jungle to a whole new level to replenish their serotonin levels and occupy themselves during the slow months. According to an article from The Philadelphia Inquirer, interest in houseplants was high before the pandemic, but now more people are introducing greenery into their homes for therapeutic purposes.

Any house plant enthusiast would be eager to let others know how much their life is positively affected by collecting houseplants, especially over the past year. There is a general consensus that indoor gardening can be stress-relieving for all those who indulge.

Jordan Roach, a local houseplant enthusiast, said that caring for his houseplants has helped him to be more aware of his surroundings and improved his memory through learning more about them.

“The only thing [houseplants] have hurt is my wallet,” Roach said.

Regina Cullen, another local plant lover, mentioned that her stress levels are significantly reduced while she is taking care of her plants.

“My plants are my therapy,” Cullen said. “And having them around acts like a reminder to slow down and take a second to breathe.”

It seems as though keeping houseplants is not just a way to occupy ourselves during the slow times, but a way to remain well-rooted.


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