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How running can destress your life

3 miles, 2 miles, 1 mile, and finally…take a deep breath. This is how a mindful runner gets through their runs, by focusing on their last stretch and running to the finish line.

While much has been written about mindfulness and running, many may be wondering about the concept of “mindful running.”

“It’s purely about being mentally connected within your movement and not being distracted,” said Chevy Rough, a mindfulness and performance coach from Runner’s World Magazine.

Many athletes think mindful running has the potential to help individuals destress.

“Running was definitely a stress reliever for me; you can tune the world out and focus on you and your running,” said Andrew Johnson, Director of Athletics at LCCC and experienced distance runner. “You hear marathon runners say, when they get past mile 15, they're in this state of zen because their body is just moving and they're not thinking about it.” Timothy Olson, a runner from Team USA, agrees.

“I noticed the more I practiced mindfulness and meditation, the more my runs would just click and flow.” he said.

Wendy Barron, Professor of Media Communications at LCCC and certified mindfulness instructor, incorporates mindfulness into her running as well.

“One of the key aspects of mindfulness is staying in the present moment,” Barron said. “In addition to the physical health benefits, it helps you to clear your mind!”

There are many ways to destress. Going for a mindful fun could be the key to getting in better shape and taking care of your mental health at the same time.

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