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Local Farm Offers Sustainable Produce

Cloie Hummel | Writer

Picture of plums and apples from a produce stand
Plums and apples

Looking for a berry sustainable and fun way to spend summer? Fill your cheeks in a wonderland of berries at the George Schmidt Berry Farm in New Tripoli, PA! Open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, locals and visitors can stop from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and purchase pre-packed fruits and vegetables. Customers can also forage for their own produce from across the farm. They have a wide selection of fruits and vegetables to pick from including blueberries, strawberries, sweet corn, and cabbage. 

Reviews on the farm are primarily positive, with user Jack Grover stating: “Great prices, friendly service and delicious locally grown produce. Well worth the trip.” 

In case you happen to be out of town or miss the summer season, a fruit stand for visitors will still be available by the end of September through mid-October. The farm is cash-only, and visitors are not allowed entry 15 minutes before closing time.


The farm has been in the Schmidt family since 1942 and has been passed through three generations of owners to provide quality and fresh produce to the Lehigh County community. 

Owner George Schmidt thinks it’s important to support local farms.

“You're getting the fruit and vegetables immediately from the source; whereas, you don’t know where the produce from the grocery store is coming from, “ he said. 

According to the United States Department of Agriculture in 2022, “Large-scale family farms ($1 million or more in GCFI) accounted for about 3 percent of farms and nearly 52 percent of the value of production.” 

Consumers can consider alternative options to grocery store produce by supporting local farms, which make up 95% of all U.S. farms. You can try to make your summer a little more sustainable and affordable by shopping locally at George Schmidt’s Berry Farm. For more information regarding directions, farm rules, and hours of operation, follow George Schmidt Berry Farm on Facebook or visit their website.


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