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Grey Season’s Days are Numbered

Tricia Armbuster | Writer

As we officially bid farewell to the 10 darkest weeks of the season, it feels like we've conquered the greyest stretch of days. The pre and post-

solstice weeks, with their shorter days and seemingly never-ending overcast skies, have a way of casting a shadow on our mood. Cabin fever and seasonal depression threaten to wear us down but fear not – brighter skies are on the horizon.

We've navigated the chill, bundled up in coats, and braved the gloominess that seemed to linger perpetually. Yet, there's a collective sigh of relief as we anticipate shedding those layers and rolling down our car windows. The promise of sunshine and the scent of blooming flowers feel like a distant but attainable dream.

February, with its 29 days this year, brings with it a renewed sense of hope. It's the turning point where we start counting down to spring. In six short weeks, the official arrival of spring will mark the end of grey days. The prospect of vibrant colors, warmer temperatures, and extended daylight has us eagerly anticipating the change.

So, as our frowns start to turn upside down and embrace the subtle warmth, let's celebrate the triumph over the darkest weeks. Grey Season's days are indeed numbered, and the countdown to a lively spring has begun. Here's to bidding farewell to the winter blues and welcoming the energetic spirit of the upcoming season.


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