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Five Ways to Make the Best Out of Bad Weather

Laurisa Gruver I Editor

Walking outside into the bitter cold air at the crack of dawn and scraping ice off your windshield doesn’t sound like an appealing start to your day. Winter weather can certainly be an inconvenience, but there are ways to make a snowy wasteland look more like a winter wonderland.

  1. Get cozy – Dress in some soft pajamas, brew a warm cup of coffee or steep some tea, grab a book, and curl up beside a window to watch the snow fall.

  2. Embrace the cold – Bundle up and head outside. The possibilities are endless! Have a snow sculpture competition. Go sledding, snowmobiling, or skating. Or you could pull out your camera and snap some creative pictures. Snow may be chilly, but it certainly looks great in photos!

  3. Bake something delicious – Nothing warms up a house like fresh baked goods. A brownie in a mug, chocolate chip cookies, or pan s’mores are perfect, easy recipes to warm your belly and your heart.

  4. Start crafting – The internet is full of crafts to keep you busy. You can make snow paint, knit something, or create some winter decorations. Maybe you can try an artistic hobby, like painting or woodworking.

  5. Have a movie night – There are few things more heartwarming than wrapping up under the blankets and eating junk food while watching your favorite movies.

Winter weather doesn’t have to be just another obstacle. A bit of creativity and a dash of positivity are all it takes to turn a snow day into a wonderful memory.


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