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Brighter Days Ahead

Amber Kalnas | Editor

In a little over a week, what I consider to be the best time of the year will be here. On Sunday, March 13, 2022, Daylight Savings Time begins. That is when we move the clocks ahead one hour, and we “spring forward.” I consider this to be the best time of the year because I love when it is lighter out for longer.

Photo from via Karolina Grabowska

Who would not love this time of year? The fact that each day gets a bit longer and will stay lighter longer sounds pretty good to me. I love knowing that when I get done with school, I still have some hours of daylight left. Daylight Savings Time is the real start of spring and summer to me. It reminds me that the warm weather is coming, and everything will start to bloom soon too.

I am not a fan of the cold, dark winter months. I would take the warm and sunny days over this any day. Besides the holidays, I am a big fan of these upcoming months. It’s a great time of the year, and I love it so much. I do not see how anyone could not love this time of year.

I will also admit it can become harder for me to sit and focus on my schoolwork when the weather starts to get warmer and brighter outside. However, I know that the semester is coming to an end and that I am almost there, this motivates me to finish the year strong.


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