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Benefits of Running as a Student

Misael Morales | Writer

2020 was a hard year for a lot of people, including me. The stress of a pandemic and how it would affect the health and financial stability of not only myself but my loved ones. I would find myself in quarantine, and if I wasn’t studying or taking Zoom classes I would spend time on social media. I found my focus and motivation toward studying slowly dwindling.

On the YouTube algorithm, I saw a video about a guy who was practicing running for a half marathon. I never thought about the preparation that went into running. He seemed so happy and motivated as if he was full of life. So I decided to give a run a try. I’m sure that my form wasn’t that of an Olympic athlete…but it felt good. I felt like I could clear my head. The constant pressure that was bothering me in my life felt distant.

Now I don’t want to create a false analogy that you should run from your problems. What I am saying is that sometimes physical activity can be cathartic. Whenever you run or just work out in general your body releases dopamine and endorphins. Which are chemicals that function to help regulate your mood. I have found running to be a healthy way to create balance among schoolwork. I still run to this day and it has improved my life academically and physically.


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