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Arctic Monkeys: Sold out in Brooklyn

Quinn Ciommo | Writer

Arctic Monkeys have finally come back to the US! After no headlining performances in nearly 4 years, they came to play only three performances in Los Angeles, Vegas, and Brooklyn this September. I had the pleasure of attending the Brooklyn performance, and after being a fan for over 6 years, it was a long time coming. When we arrived for the doors opening at 7, the line was already around the corner. The use of recording devices was strictly prohibited during the performance, and every attendee was required to put their phone in a locked pouch inside the venue. These precautions were taken to protect the long-awaited release of the band's upcoming album, “The Car” on October 21. It will be AM’s first release since their 2018 album “Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino”. Considering the Arctic Monkeys' drastic stylistic changes over the past couple of years, Kings Theater was the perfect venue to experience their new music as it was meant to be. In a golden hall, with a slow-spinning disco ball. Some setlist highlights included the brand new single “There’d Better Be a Mirrorball”, followed by classic fan favorites such as “Brainstorm”, “Crying Lightning”, “I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor”, “Do I Wanna Know?” and to close, the melancholy of “Cornerstone”. The list also featured three unreleased songs, entitled “Body Paint”, “I Ain’t Quite Where I Think I Am”, and “Mr. Schwartz”. The concert was an all-around amazing experience, and Arctic Monkeys are a MUST-SEE if you ever get the chance!


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