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Managing seasonal affective disorder

I take several steps to prepare for the chilly months of fall and winter.

I carry the tub full of my sweaters and cardigans from the basement, buy a new pair of gloves (because I always seem to misplace last year’s), and look to find new coping mechanisms for my seasonal affective disorder.

Hot girl summer is coming to an end.

It’s SAD girl season now.

But thankfully, I reminded myself to prepare this time; processing and considering what might help me adjust and cope with a world already feeling more isolated than usual.

During my most recent rewatch of Gilmore Girls, I noticed how the show highlights the seasons. Fall references to hot apple cider, cardigans, and carving pumpkins. In Winter, the girls wear knit hats and watch bad Hallmark movies with hot coffee from Luke’s. In America we not only live in these seasons, we celebrate them.

This year I decided to take a page from that book.

I’ve started to not only live in the fall but live for the fall -- making a detailed list with dozens of fall and winter activities to last until my beloved summer returns.

It started off as easy as throwing a few apples and spices into the crockpot to make apple cider or using the pulp remains to flavor muffins for my coffee. But, don’t act surprised if this turns into making wreaths and homemade candles until I’m forced to establish my own cottagecore Etsy shop.

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