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WXLV Offers Unique Opportunities for Students and Alumni

Francesca Di Fiore | Writer

The Virtual Reality headset at WXLV, placed by the computer equipment where students can play or stream video games.

Located behind Lot D sits a utility-looking building packed with possibilities. WXLV’s Digital Media & Production Lab is open to students of any major and provides modern technology to help complete various class assignments–or simply to blow off steam and have a little fun.

“We’ve been really trying to push discoverability,” said Anthony DeVenuta, an LCCC student worker at WXLV. “Over the last year or two, they’ve expanded down here and added a lot.”

WXLV’s Digital Media & Production lab features a variety of equipment pertaining to sound production and radio broadcasting; however, there’s more to WXLV than what many students tend to believe. The studio bears a 3-D printer, multiple Mac computers with digital drawing pads, a gaming system for streaming, a Virtual Reality headset, and printers with large-scale paper for sizable projects.

Various clubs can utilize the space for meetings, including live Zoom meetings, as it provides a comfortable and quiet atmosphere.

“I’ve helped observe different clubs that come down here, such as the Film Club and Art Club,” says Veronica Querio, an LCCC student intern at WXLV. “Any other clubs that want to come down here, you totally can because this is the best place on campus.”

Have you ever thought about starting a podcast? WXLV offers all students and alumni the

chance to share their voices on any topic, and the possibilities are endless. According to Peter

Sabino, WXLV’s Digital Media & Production Lab Manager, the staff and interns encourage students of other majors to do radio shows because of the diversity, since a background in radio broadcasting is not necessary. Sabino and his staff are there to instruct on proper use of equipment.

WXLV is open weekdays from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and reservations for sound production or broadcasting rooms can be scheduled. Any students or alumni interested in utilizing the studio are welcome to check it out.


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