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Why not explore the Film Club?

Averyll Hoch | Writer

For those not familiar with the variety of clubs at LCCC, you may be surprised to learn that LCCC has a film club where members discuss movies, and all of the underlying aspects of production that go into those movies, in an academic setting. 

Activities during club meetings include watching movies, discussing the different details that go into filmmaking, and the kinds of fundraisers that can be used to benefit the club. The club resides in the WXLV Digital Media and Production Lab, located next to parking lot E. Peter Sabino, the Digital Media and Production Aid, says that students don’t need to attend the club meetings in person and can still participate through  Zoom. 

The Film Club is run by President Olivia Sattely, Vice President Hunter Arnold, and is advised by professor Wendy Barron of the communications department. According to Arnold, Film Club meets on Thursdays at 2:30 p.m. at the WXLV Digital Media and Production Lab. 

According to Sattely,  the club is working with the Student Government Association (SGA) to promote the services available to current students and alumni through a series of short videos called SGA Cares. In March, the club’s members hope to gain approval for a food pantry fundraising event in which the club promotes a movie viewing with an admittance cost of nonperishable foods.

Sattely encourages anyone thinking about joining to come check out a meeting. All students, no matter their program of study, are welcome to attend.

Photo Caption: The club space when not in use; the main room of the WXLV Digital Media and Production Lab.


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