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We Must Put an End to Asian-American Racism

From March 2020 to now, there have been nearly 4,000 reported Anti-Asian hate incidents. Over 500 of those incidents were in 2021. 64% of the incidents are reported by women. It is time we seek justice for Asian communities and help prevent these hate crimes from happening. 2020 began with the murder of George Floyd, 2021 now begins with 6 Asian women being killed in a mass shooting. When will these hate crimes come to an end. All people should be treated equally and fairly and it’s time this world learns to be better, to do better. Make the hatred end, let the racism end.

Anti-Asian attacks surged after Trump made several attempts at insinuating that they were to blame for the pandemic. Luckily, we no longer need to deal with him and his untrue remarks. However, the anti-Asian hate has not been put to an end. The attacks in Atlanta that left 6 Asian women dead is the final straw. Captain Baker, who was in charge of the case seemed to think it was appropriate to say that the white man who shot these women only did it because he was having “a really bad day.” The captain had also promoted sales for an anti-Asian t-shirt. Later, he stated that his words were “not intended to disrespect any of the victims or to express empathy or sympathy for the suspect.” I beg to differ.

We must all do what we can to help Asian communities and end these hate crimes against them. A few things we can do to help include donating, supporting small Asian businesses, educating ourselves by reading books and doing research, volunteering, signing petitions, calling legislators and asking what they’re doing to help Asian communities, and report any hate crimes against Asians if you see them to Together we can help end the hate.


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