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WAWA Drives Thru Lower Macungie

Konnor Kristiansen | Writer

The slogan “Gotta have a Wawa” just got a lot faster, as Lower Macungie is one of the first to have a new drive-thru.

The new Wawa drive-thru, located at 6216 Hamilton Boulevard in Lower Macungie Township, had its grand opening on February 8. This new type of store will serve everything from burgers, drinks, sandwiches, salads, sizzlies, and most of their appetizers. Unlike the other Wawa’s in America (more than 1,000), this new location does not have a gas station attached. The drive-thru is only open for quick food and drinks. 

The community was front and center at the entire event during the grand opening that Thursday morning. 

“[what] I really wanna get out of this store, it’s just serving the community,” said Gerard Matthew, Area Manager. 

Two Lower Macungie community-led groups had a friendly battle to see who could make the most hoagies. After the competition ended, the Macungie Ambulance Corp won the sandwich battle against the Lower Macungie Fire Department. The Macungie Ambulance Corp got a trophy for their victory, and both teams received $1,000 dollars for a charity of their choice. 

Once the drive-thru finally opened, the long line of cars finally started to move through the establishment to place their orders of all their favorite Wawa food items. 

Drivers experienced an estimated drive-thru time of about eight minutes.  This new concept is open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day of the week.


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