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Traveling to Bend, Oregon

Dominic Schappell | Writer

By the age of 20, I had experienced traveling by myself for the first time. I went to Oregon to visit my cousin who is a traveling nurse.

In June 2022 I experienced traveling to another state across the country by myself for the first time. This was the day that my life changed for the better because I had booked a plane ride to Oregon. At first, I was experiencing all of the emotions at once, I was happy to travel, nervous to be by myself, and sad to leave. My parents were also sad to see me leave but happy that I was getting to see the other side of the country at such a young age.

Once I was done with my plane rides from Philly to Seattle and Seattle to Redmond, my cousin was at the airport and was super excited to see me, and I was ready to experience Oregon.

During this week that I was with her she took me to the most beautiful places that I have ever seen. After my flight, we went paddleboarding and visited Crater Lake which is a man-made lake that now is gigantic. In addition, we went to Tumalo Falls, we went to see a hopservatory (Brewing and Observatory), and we went to Umpqua hot springs! Last but not least we went to see underground lava tubes and so much more that week. Overall, that week was the most amazing thing I’ve experienced. 10/10 would recommend visiting Bend Oregon in your life.


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