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Transfer Process: What To Do?

In the springtime at LCCC, many students focus on filling out transfer applications to four-year schools. It may seem overwhelming to figure out where to begin; In reality, the beginning of the transfer process starts during a student’s very first semester at LCCC.

Student academic advisors Laura Doherty and Christine Flores promote the services provided by LCCC for those looking to transfer. Doherty explains that in a student's first semester at LCCC, they are given a questionnaire of whether or not they are looking to transfer to a university in two years; With that information, advisors work with students to find their path to graduation and transferring with the correct requirements. Flores discusses the importance of having a transfer plan. This helps students avoid taking courses that they soon find out do not align with their intended major. Planning early is essential. Without it, students can end up with a degree they never originally wanted.

Both Doherty and Flores mention the variety of resources that help students learn about the transfer process, including information about which colleges are partnered with LCCC. There are Academic Advising services, transfer services, transfer fairs, and partner days. Representatives from many colleges come to LCCC to speak about their school and the programs they offer. Attending these events helps students discover which school is best for them.

Flores compares the transfer process to purchasing a new car.

“When thinking about where [to transfer to],” Flores said, “I look at it as if you are buying a car. You wouldn't just buy one off the internet without looking at it. So test drive, kick the tires, see if that college is the right fit for you.”


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