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Tips on Building a Great Credit Score

Misael Morales | Writer

As the students at Lehigh Carbon Community College (LCCC) try to make the most of their time pursuing their dreams and goals, they may not realize that their credit score will affect the financial decisions they will be able to make in the future. Good credit helps with purchasing power.

Ramon Negron-Walther, supervisor at Fulton Bank’s Easton Branch on Northampton Street, shares tools for improving your credit score.

“The best tools for someone who is young to build their credit is a secured credit card or a college card,” he said.

A secured credit card is defined as having to make an initial deposit, and that deposit is used as collateral. So you would be borrowing against your own money, which shows the credit bureaus that you are trustworthy.

Fulton Bank’s Manager, Ravneet Saini, agrees and speaks on the importance of credit.

“There are multiple advantages when it comes to credit, especially in this day and age,” she said. “I always tell everybody when they are young that before they get to know you, they want to know your credit. Whether you are trying to get an apartment, your first car, or applying for school, nobody wants to hire someone who can’t handle their credit. It reflects your organizational skills.”

She continues with some of the mistakes people make with their credit.

“People who learn to manage their credit at a young age build a better life while people who don’t, get the same opportunities,” said Saini. “A mistake that people make with credit is opening cards with higher interest rates. Thinking that you could put everything on your credit card, and paying later. An unexpected expense can arise and affect your original credit card payment.”


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