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There's A Club for Future Educators at LCCC

Quinn Wittman | Writer

Are you an education, secondary education, or special education major? Are you looking to get involved at LCCC and around the community? 

TESA, the Teacher Education Student Association, is a small club run by Stephanie Shiffert at LCCC. 

TESA is a group where students studying to become teachers network with current education professionals regarding current techniques and procedures, encourage the campus community within the education department, and provide information regarding the teaching profession. 

“I volunteered to run TESA to meet and encourage students in the education department to follow their dreams and pursue a teaching degree,” said Shiffert. “I also wanted to create a club community where everyone felt like they belonged and made a difference.”

Previously, TESA has handed out swag bags to students as good luck for midterms. Members have also put together a bulletin board in the Fowler Education Center to showcase a renewal of the club. 

TESA is always strategizing new ideas to promote the club and gain new members, and “plan things that we think will interest students in the education department,” said Shiffert. 

The club is currently looking into celebrating students transferring to a four-year university to continue their degree or graduating from LCCC with their associate degree. 

The club is looking for members to join and share their ideas. 

“The club would benefit from more student involvement because the more people we have, the more people we can reach,” Shiffert said. “Everyone serious about a career in education should join, but anyone is welcome to join!” 


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