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The Key To Happiness In Relationships

Sophia Shuhay | Editor

As a college student, I’ve had my fair share of relationships throughout my life. Whether they were romantic or platonic, they have all had a vital impact on my life, with each of them teaching me an important lesson. What is that lesson you may ask? Well, I have learned about the different aspects of a relationship that make me happy. I have realized that it is important to stay true to myself, for people who appreciate my true character are what’s best for me.

All my life I struggled with making friends. I grew up a little antisocial, and I was always busy with extracurricular activities. I always tried being a different version of myself so that I could “fit in.” Although that worked, I never felt fulfilled. I never truly felt like those people understood me or made me happy.

I decided to ditch the idea of fitting in and began being true to myself. After a lot of self-reflection, I found the confidence to wear what I wanted, create my own thoughts and opinions, and do the activities that I like to do. I did not have many friends at this point in my life, however, I felt a slight sense of victory just by unapologetically doing what made me happy!

The importance of staying true to yourself is highly underestimated. What is the purpose of friendships and romantic relationships if you don’t feel confident around them? Simply, there is no purpose. Once I began accepting who I am as a person, the rest followed with ease. I made several friends who accepted me for who I am!

In the end, it is important to be patient with yourself, do what you like, and not keep people in your life if they make you feel like you need to be something you are not. There will always be people out there who are just like you. It is important to protect your inner peace and give yourself what you deserve. After all, if a person is not a positive addition to your life, there is no sense in entertaining them at your expense.


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