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Teaching to Learn

Kipp Tonkin | writer

Teachers in high school study education while college professors choose to aid in the education process, yet both are individuals beckoned by the universe and driven by passion, pride, and the essence of what makes us human: the ability to learn.

Teaching is seemingly interwoven within the spirits of those destined to do it, which is the case with Tamaqua Area High School teacher Ms. Randa Ray, who took a chance on being an educator.

Ms. Ray has enjoyed every moment of being an educator ever since her decision. Whether by chance or choice, teaching sparks joy.

Similarly, LCCC professor Mr. Jamie Gallagher expressed how he feels about his job.

“This isn’t a job,” he said. “This isn’t even my career, this is my life.”

LCCC professor Mr. Richard Bergeman enjoys how his fellow teachers treat each other.

“I do think there is a mutual respect,” Mr. Bergeman says.

All of these individuals agreed that some educators see it as more of a mundane job. However, many teachers are part of a team that shares the common goal of educating a generation.

Tamaqua’s Adriane Drum agrees that teachers are a unit. Even the newbies fresh out of college play their part.

“Right when we started, there was a lot of sharing. Then we were stagnant, pretty much on the same page. Then once we got some younger faculty, they started bringing in ideas again that we got rusty on or were new,” said Mrs. Drum.

Educators in high school and college share a deep passion for their jobs and continue to not only teach one another, but also learn from each other as well.


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