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Taking a Speech Class Has Many Benefits

Andi Hoherchak | Writer

Learning to effectively speak in public can be intimidating for many students because it creates anxiety. However, the long-term benefits are worth it. Not only will it help students impress their future employers, but being a strong public speaker will also serve students in their personal lives.

Learning how to speak in public can be nerve-inducing for anyone, especially for inexperienced first year students. This semester, I am taking a speech class here at LCCC, and while it has given me many sleepless nights, it has also given me a newly developed skill set that I am ready to share with the world.

Speech classes are not only centered on communication in a formal environment, but also in everyday communication with our friends, family, and our communities.

According to LCCC’s website course catalog, the speech class is a “course designed to develop students’ speechwriting and presentation abilities while increasing self-confidence and interpersonal skills appropriate in academic, workplace, and community settings.”

LCCC offers its students the opportunity to take speech classes both on campus and virtually on zoom.

Olivia DeMeuse, an honors student at LCCC, thinks speech is an important part of her education.

“It helps me interact more in a group setting and to not feel insecure while communicating ideas,” she said.

Professor Myskowski has been a professor of English at LCCC for more than 20 years, and she is passionate about students learning this important life skill.

“In all aspects of your life, public speaking is important because we constantly have to communicate with others and advocate for ourselves,” she said. “In addition, I think being able to interact civilly with people who have different opinions and visions means you have to be good at listening and representing your perspective.”


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