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Study Shows 97% of Women Experience Sexual Harrassment

United Nations (UN) Women is a UK organization who dedicates itself to fighting for women's equality everywhere. Using their platform, they uploaded a survey to discover how many women have experienced sexual violence.

In January of 2021, UN Women surveyed more than 1,000 women, ages 18-24, and found that 97% of those women have experienced some sort of sexual harassment or assault against them in a public place. A mere 3% report that they have not experienced any sort of harassment or assault while in public.

UN Women writes, “It is also clear that there is a serious lack of trust in reporting mechanisms and systems that are in place to protect women.”

There has been a surplus of American men claiming that the statistics given were false. Many dedicate time in an attempt to debunk the study. These claims can be detrimental for the women who chose to share their experiences.

A study that was originally done to focus on women in the United Kingdom has been integrated into America and has opened up a serious discussion. Many women have come forward, believing that the statistics reign true everywhere, not just in the U.K. They have expressed their own experiences where a man has made them feel unsafe or fearful for their life. Many women have come forward with their own stories of assault and harassment. This initiates conversations involving the safety of women and what men can do to help women feel safe.

The study has shaken young adults in America but has given women the opportunity and the space to speak about what they have been through. Although it has brought cynical views, the proper space and time to express their personal experiences lead to healing from these tragic events.


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