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Students Gather to Visit “Women of Color” Traveling Museum

Katherine Lovelidge | Writer

On March 1, LCCC presented the Women of Color Traveling History Museum at the Student Union to walk students through the history and experience of African American Women.

Students and staff walk around the traveling museum.

The museum included various displays of artifacts, including historical documents, signed items, letters, books, and photos from the Transatlantic Slave Trade, Civil War, Reconstruction, the Civil Rights Movement, and the modern-day.

The museum showed the contributions of African American women to just about every aspect of life including politics, sports, science, education, and entertainment. Incredible women from Rosa Parks, to Coretta Scott King, to Gabby Douglas, were featured in the exhibit.

The music of Aretha Franklin could be heard as students walked around, emanating from a screen displaying the video of one of her performances.

Janay Craft, Director of Operations of the Women of Color museum, has been working with the organization since 2010.

Craft testified to the importance of spreading the knowledge.

“There is so much black history that no one knows about, that wasn't necessarily taught in the curriculum,” she said. “At least for me growing up, all I had was Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, and slavery. Anything other than that, I didn’t learn it in the classroom. It’s very important to enlighten people and to show and just to teach that Black people have value.”

The Museum was also displayed via Zoom to allow students at home to be able to enjoy and learn from the experience as well.


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