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Starting a Sports Podcast in a Pandemic

When I started writing for Sports Illustrated Kids, I never thought that a year and a half later, I would be starting my own sports podcast. Ever since March 2020, I have only been able to do virtual interviews, limiting the amount I have been able to learn from other professionals in the industry.

The thought crossed my mind last fall after listening to some of my favorite sports shows and podcasts about the possibility of me being on or co-hosting a podcast (I had been interviewed once by Dan Clouser, founder of Big Vision in Reading, PA.) Finally in December, after looking through what starting a podcast would entail, I decided to go for it and have my first episode start on March 1.

Not only did I have to think of a name, Speak Up Sports, but I also had to figure out a logo, how to record and publish episodes, and how to contact potential guests.

Now, I have had 7 episodes published, including Dusty Baker, Houston Astros manager, Jessica Mendoza, softball Olympian and ESPN broadcaster, Julie Foudy, 3x Soccer Olympian, Paxton Baker, co-owner of the Washington Nationals, AJ Mleczko, hockey Olympian and analyst, Rachel Luba, the first female to own her own MLB sports agency, and I look forward to hosting many more incredible people! My dream of broadcasting one day is starting to become a reality at only 16 years old as I am doing what I love most - interviewing and learning from the work of those in all different sides of the sporting industry - coaches, players, broadcasters, agents, etc. I can’t wait to continue this journey and grow my knowledge about all different sports.

If you are interested in checking out my podcast on Spotify, here’s the link:


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