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Spring: a Change in Season and a Change in Mindset 

Healley Saltz | Writer

Excuses, we all make them. Whether we direct it to ourselves or the world around us, we never fail to find a way to pin the blame. “It’s too daunting to think about,” “It’s too late to start that assignment,” or my personal favorite, “It’s too dark, gloomy, and depressing outside."

I have fallen victim to this mindset practically all my life. When the clouds gray, my motivation dwindles. When the sun disappears, gone is my will to improve. When winter prevails, so does my desire to stay in bed. 

This is why I am overcome with a sense of novelty when the sun slowly begins to shine again. Suddenly, I roll down my window while driving. Or I take a walk in a new environment, Trexler Park being my current favorite. Or I’ll walk a bit farther than usual to get to class, appreciating my surroundings. 

Now that spring is upon us, it’s time to let this change in season change our mindset. 

If you’re anything like me, you’ve put it off for long enough and your wellbeing shouldn’t wait. Go outside and appreciate a change from stuffy fluorescent lights. Admire the small things. Whether big or small, do what will make you happy. 

After all, you’ll never know what you may learn about yourself or the world around you if you don’t try.


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