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Snow Days are the Perfect Mental Health Day

Cielo Giandomenico I Editor

School buses in snow.
School buses in the snow. Photo credit: Jeremy Bezanger from

Having the ability to access the world at the tap of our fingers is great, but has technology ruined the simple pleasures in life?

Growing up I always looked forward to snow days during the school year. I’d sit in front of the TV screen with the WFMZ news on. I’d be watching the bottom bar to see if my school’s name would display for schools with the day off. When I got older, the school would just call about canceled days, but I still enjoyed having that mid-week break.

In March of 2020, the coronavirus forced students into online learning, and schools had to adapt to teaching students virtually. Post pandemic, when schools would have normally called a snow day, they instead resorted to virtual learning. Students in high school and college are faced with an exorbitant amount of stress.

It’s important to give students’ minds a break to absorb what they are learning and relax. Although an argument could be made about students having Saturday and Sunday off, those days could also be filled with other activities such as sports games, fundraisers, and plans that aren’t school related.

Since a mental health day isn’t an “excuse” to miss school, students rely on snow days to be a mental deep breath. Remote learning has eliminated the use of snow days, ultimately making students work all day everyday with no break. I believe snow days are important for students and adults of all ages.


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