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SGA Helps Improve Student Life

Olivia Schroder | Writer

Some members of the SGA Club inside the Student Union center.

Behind almost every accomplishment is a lesser-known team who did the job. That team for LCCC is the Student Government Association (SGA).

According to SGA’s constitution, their cause is to represent the interests of the students and preserve the unity for the betterment of both the college and community through beneficial functions, services, and clubs.

Emma Hope, the current president of SGA, said that her favorite accomplishment so far was reconnecting the Morgan and Donley centers back to LCCC’s Main Campus by adding representatives from both campuses to SGA senate and including them in campus wide events.

She's also proud of Mental Health Week, as well as reinstating Spirit Week to encourage LCCC pride.

“SGA is a great opportunity for students at LCCC,” Hope said. “We promote student life activities, advocate for others, and try to leave a positive impact on our student body and so much more. I love SGA, and I would encourage everyone to join and make a difference.”

SGA has been responsible for many campus improvements that students use on a daily basis. They advocated for better bus service from Lanta, which has given students access to more options and times of transportation. With that, SGA also fully funded the bus shelter that's on campus. They are also behind the installation of the refillable water fountains that are scattered throughout the campus.

Even though it's at a maximum capacity right now, SGA is always looking for new members to join next semester.


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