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Cheyanne Beaumont | Writer is a resource available for students to get an idea about the climate of a professor’s classroom.

The website states, “This is an open site where users can voice their opinions and experiences.” Students use the site to do that and more.

Kendyl Fichter, a dual-enrollment student at Lehigh Carbon Community College (LCCC) said that she uses the site “religiously” and “will not take a class without looking at it first.”

Fitcher is not alone.

“I use it every time I have to sign up for a class,” said Hannah Waterman, a business management major. “I can compare the professors and see what other students think and get their perspective before I officially register for the class.”

Some LCCC students would like to see professors and faculty utilize the resource as the website isn’t just for students. Professors can access the website and view their pages. They can also create accounts on the site where they’re able to reply to comments and ratings. However, pages and comments left by students can’t be removed unless they are seen violating the site’s guidelines.

“They should look at it and be like: ‘Okay, this is how I’m perceived from a student’s perspective and do I like that perspective?” stated Olivia Lovell, a liberal arts major. “Is that something I want to change? Or is there something I can do better to improve their experience as well?” isn’t just another online website but is seen as a communal place for different perspectives that can be beneficial to not only students at LCCC, but the faculty, too.


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