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LCCC Adjunct Professor Connects With Lost Family Thanks To DNA Test

Amber Kalnas | Writer

DNA always tells the truth. That was the case for Ed Rabinowitz, an adjunct communications professor at Lehigh Carbon Community College, when he did a DNA test to learn about his biological family history. His new novel, “Bloodline”, focuses on his journey.

Rabinowitz was adopted at birth, and by doing a DNA swab test a few years ago, he was able to unlock a world of family history he was not aware existed. The DNA test showed him that he has at least seven siblings and more could be out there. So, he dove deeper into research over the years and thought “there is a book here.”

This novel can be considered historical fiction since most of the book is real. He uses parts of history to tell a story; it gives timeframes that all relate to Rabinowitz family history and how he and all his siblings got to where they are today. The events, locations, and descriptions of the places are all real. It took many hours of research on his part to learn and understand the places he was writing about. He wanted to make it real. However, some aspects of the novel are fiction, like the names he uses.

“It’s 90-95% real,” Rabinowitz said. “That little other part of it is the fictional fudging here and there to fill in the gaps.”

The story takes the reader on a journey that ties everything together in the end. This work goes to show that everyone has a story to tell, and DNA does not lie. The book is available on Amazon for purchase in both paperback and ebook formats.


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