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PSU-LV Community Gallery Showcases LCCC’s Fine Arts Exhibition

Ashley Guava | Writer

Multiple artworks from “Lehigh Carbon Community College’s Capstone in Fine Arts Exhibition: Lost and Found”

Penn State Lehigh Valley’s Community Gallery recently displayed the artwork of eight graduating LCCC students in: “Lehigh Carbon Community College’s Capstone in Fine Arts Exhibition: Lost and Found”.

It was the students’ job to curate what pieces would be part of the exhibit, where they would be going, and the theme. Contributors included Olivia Allison, Rachael Bath, Quinn Benner, Amber Coleman, Alyssa Dominguez, Kira Kuehner, Alexus Tewold and Biancarosa Vargas.

“The main idea was making something that all of us artists could relate to; whether your pieces were quirky and fun or have a deep meaning to it,” said student artist Rachel Bath. “We wanted to be able to make it vast so there would be differences and be pleasing to all kinds of people.”

Students created and submitted a thesis and three artworks. The showcased works included a mixture of art forms including fabrics, acrylic paints, digital media, and more as each student exhibited what they “lost” and “found”. Primary student organizer and artist Kira Kuehner compared the theme to the students reaching a transitional point in their lives as graduation approaches.

That’s not all; attendees had the opportunity to be part of an interactive scavenger hunt for different objects hidden in the art works. This idea was inspired by Kuhner’s past vacation visit to a museum that had scavenger hunt cards.

“It’s like someone has this really little detail here; can you find it? It got people to slow down and really look through the art and not just say ‘oh that’s nice’ and move on,” Kuhner said. “ It was really exciting seeing everyone looking and trying to fill it out. It was a nice experience into the professional art showing world.”


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