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New Events Planned for Horticulture Club

Dominic Schappell | Writer

If you’re the type of person who notices different kinds of plants and fungi when walking around a park or on a trail, then you’re in luck. LCCC has a club for that.

While the Horticulture Club has existed in some form for several years, it’s under new leadership. With advisors Robyn Davis and Theresa Sterner, plans are underway to “grow” the club.

During Horticulture Club meetings (horticulture is the art or practice of gardening), members learn about plants and gardening techniques, as well as discuss campus beautification projects and fundraising opportunities.

On September 19, the Horticulture Club hosted Glen Reeder, a local farmer and former LCCC staff member. Reeder brought pawpaws and other different types of fruit to try, as he encouraged students to try something new. A pawpaw is a yellow/green/brown fruit that grows and is native to the eastern United States. It is said to have a banana/mango flavor and a texture like custard. After the tasting, club members planted turmeric and ginger.

In the near future, club members plan on selling different types of veggies or house plants, since it was a big success last semester. They may sell poinsettias around the holidays as well. Plans are in the works for field trips, including a possible visit to Longwood Gardens or Ott’s Exotic Plants in Schwenksville.

If interested in joining the horticulture club, please email Robyn Davis at or Theresa Sterner at


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